Making your content accessible

Whether you're producing a film or creating content for socials, we support clients - from government to creative agencies - to make content accessible.

Gabriella Evans has blonde hair, and signs her name in NZSL.

Why do you need to make your content accessible?

As much as a fifth of New Zealand’s population has difficulty accessing media content. When you provide captions and audio description, you’re also providing those people with much-needed access to news, entertainment and culture. You’re opening up your content to all, not just some. Ensuring that the entire country, in all its diversity, can enjoy the show.

You can make your content accessible in three simple steps

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    Audit your content Is there a soundscape that needs captioning? Is there any critical visual information that needs audio description?

  • 02

    Request a quote Once you’ve identified a need for Able’s services, get in touch for a quote for captioning and audio description services.

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    Submit your content for production Leave your content in our experienced team’s safe hands, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Examples of our work


James & Isey

We provide captions for movies, film festivals, websites, social media and YouTube. Here’s the trailer for the film James & Isey, which we captioned in 2021.


TVC Captioning

Covid-19 awareness campaign

We provide fast, accurate and cost-effective captioning services for TV commercials on TVNZ 1, TVNZ 2, DUKE and online. Here’s an example from the COVID-19 videos, which we captioned in 2021.


Audio Description


We provide world-class audio description, which is scripted, voiced and recorded in house. Here’s an example from the film Poppy, which we captioned and audio described in 2021.

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Interested in working together to create a more accessible Aotearoa?

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Impact Stories

Ngā kōrero paki

Meet Sam from Christchurch

A headshot of Sam Smith, who has dark hair and a beard, and a slight smile as he looks down the barrel of the camera

"I remember, when I was a child I saved up money for weeks (I still can’t believe my parents let me do this!) and bought a TV. It’s such a wonderful portal to the rest of the world. And that's where media accessibility comes in..."

A headshot of Sam Smith, who has dark hair and a beard, and a slight smile as he looks down the barrel of the camera

Meet Isla from Mount Maunganui

A woman smiles as she creates pottery.

“Without Able putting the captions on my TV, I wouldn't have known about the sudden Covid lockdowns or tsunami warnings. Captions have helped me through a crazy year by at least helping to make the information on TV available to me and others with access needs."

A woman smiles as she creates pottery.