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23 March 2022

A picture of the chapter within the book

Changing Media Accessibility Landscapes in New Zealand

Our CE Wendy Youens contributed a chapter on the media access landscape in Aotearoa to the recently released…



9 February 2022

Wendy Youens has brown shoulder length hair and blue eyes. She smiles, standing in front of a light blue background.

Will new disability legislation include access to media?

On 9th February 2022, Kathryn Ryan spoke with Wendy Youens, our Chief Executive (CE), and John Mulka,…


Ngā kōrerorero

28 January 2022

Sacha McNeil sits in a reporting studio wearing a suit.

Introducing our new trustee, Sacha McNeil!

We are very excited to announce the new appointment to the Media Access Charitable Trust Board. You…


Ngā kōrero

24 January 2022

Shawn and her husband kneel by a llama

Shawn’s Story

"Being visually impaired can be very isolating and lonely.  You feel like you miss so much in…


Ngā kōrero

16 January 2022

Averil’s Story

Kia ora! Tell us a bit about yourself. (Eg. Where did you grow up? Where do you…


Ngā kōrero

10 January 2022

A headshot of Sam Smith, who has dark hair and a beard, and a slight smile as he looks down the barrel of the camera

Sam’s Story

"I remember, when I was a child I saved up money for weeks (I still can’t believe…


Ngā kōrero

21 December 2021

Gabriella stands in a garden, wearing a violet top.

Gabriella’s Story

"Having access to captions right from the very first episode makes me feel like I’m on the…



20 December 2021

The Able colours and shapes.

2021’s Audio Description Wrapped: The best descriptions of New Zealand TV this year.

The experience of consuming media for people who access the world through sound, rather than sight, involves…