Able has been on an incredible journey since its inception. Growing from TVNZ’s ‘Access Services’ Department into an independent charitable trust, we now provide media access services for all of Aotearoa’s leading broadcasters. We caption and audio describe a plethora of content, providing access to TV for the diverse communities of Aoteaora.

At the heart of our kaupapa is a belief that everybody should be able to access the news, stories and culture of the nation. We’ve evolved our brand identity to reflect this, and our passion for turning New Zealand content into the shared experience it was made to be. 

Our new look

We’ve evolved our brand to prioritise simplicity, accessibility, and connection. Our evolved logo-mark is clear, bold, and easy to read. We’ve expanded our colour palette, prioritising a high colour contrast for clarity and visibility. As the digital home of our brand, our website has been designed with the WCAG 2.1 AA standards as the foundation; rather than an addition. It’s designed to be a launchpad to take you behind-the-screens to learn more about media accessibility, to meet our dedicated staff team, and to hear from the people and communities we serve. 

The launch of our evolved brand today is an important moment for Able, and we thank you for walking alongside us towards a more inclusive Aotearoa. Here’s to making more media accessible in the years to come!

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