The Media Access Charitable Trust is pleased to announce the appointment of Thomas Bryan to the board. The board consists of five trustees, including two sector representative positions to provide insight into the Deaf and hard-of-hearing and blind and low-vision communities.

Thomas Bryan is passionate about new and emerging technologies, especially when people from the blind community benefit. A long-time member of Blind Citizens NZ, he was involved in advocacy for the introduction of audio description in NZ.

In his spare time, Thomas is an advocate for equity and accessibility and hosts a disability show on Access Radio. A member of community networks and council working groups, he is well regarded for his leadership. The proud recipient of the Beamish Memorial Medal, Blind Citizens NZ’s most prestigious award, this recognises his significant contributions to the blind community. He is employed by Blind Low Vision NZ (previously Blind Foundation) as National Technology Advisor.

The Media Access Charitable Trust board is delighted to welcome Thomas onto the board and looks forward to his contribution. The current board members are Lewis Grant (chair), Paul France, David Kent, Karen Thompson and Thomas Bryan. You can read more about them here.

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