Meet the Audio Describers: Fast Facts with Virginia Philp

Audio Description 14 Jul 2021

We're celebrating 10 years of Audio Description in Aotearoa, and taking you behind-the-screens to meet our incredible team of Audio Describers. Introducing Virginia Philp!

Meet the A Ders 2

Tell us about your work as an audio describer. What’s it all about, and how did it begin for you?

I joined the team as a Caption Producer at TVNZ 12 years ago, before we began producing audio description. When the audio description pilot began in 2011, I was one of the first members of a tiny team of audio describers. As the service has grown and we moved from a department at TVNZ to become our own fully-fledged company at Able, I gradually spent more time audio describing and less time captioning, and I am now the Team Leader of the Audio Describers, which sees me help recruit, train and manage our team. I pass on my AD knowledge to my very talented colleagues, and it’s rewarding to see them become so proficient and creative and make the craft their own.

How does AD affect your life outside work, and vice versa?

Sometimes when I have been really ‘in the zone’ scripting AD at work, when I’m in my own free time, I find when I’m watching TV or at the movies, I start audio describing the programme in my head. And then I’m, like, ‘No, you’re not at work. Just watch and enjoy it!’

One thing we should know about you?

My favourite colour is purple, specifically lilac. Closely followed by mint green.

Summer or winter?

I will choose winter, as I love skiing, snowy vistas and fresh alpine air.

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