Everyone should be able to connect.

Able to understand the story, able to share the laughter, able to enjoy the show.

But for more than a million New Zealanders, connecting can be a challenge.

Receiving the same messages, learning the same facts, consuming the same content. It’s these shared experiences that make us feel part of something bigger than ourselves. When people miss them, they miss more than just their favourite TV show. They also miss out on community, communication, and connection.

That’s what Able is here for.

We create closed captions and audio description, crafted to connect every New Zealander with the media world around them. Funded by NZ On Air, we’re a not-for-profit based in Aotearoa, and New Zealand voices are our speciality. We know our jaffas from our jandals, our moro from our marmite, our koru from our kererū.

Supported by cutting-edge technology, our team of talented linguists paints pictures with words.

Telling the full story. Turning content into the shared experience it was made to be.

And creating a more inclusive Aotearoa.


Making Media Accessible.

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