Communications & Marketing Manager

I’m going 5 K’s an hour! It’s too fast! Take the wheel, bro! I’m freaking out!” If you can appreciate why this caption for a Kiwi television commercial is so important to audiences who are Deaf or hard of hearing, then this ad might be speaking to you. Who provided the captions on the news about COVID19? We did, so all New Zealanders have equal access to important information.

Able is a not-for-profit organisation with a big heart and a fun and talented crew who provide captioning and audio description services for television and online platforms. Captioning and audio description provide access to audiovisual media for those who need our services. Our service enriches lives. You can tell that we are passionate!

Working directly under the Chief Executive and alongside the team, we are seeking a person with our fit and a talent for communications, marketing, brand strengthening and stakeholder engagement. The ideal person would have several years in the workplace, be very confident in communication channels including online, and can market what we do with clarity. The person we are seeking will give the Able team confidence that they can also lead the development of communications and branding plans, as well as execute in a collaborative style of working. There is a lot of development work to do internally with refreshing the website and bringing a new marketing and communications lens, as well as externally in how we communicate with our audiences. We need a person who both speaks well and delivers with credibility.

This is a full-time role, but Able is open to flexible working arrangements for the right person. We would like you to join us on this journey, but we will be choosy about both your skills and your fit with our team. Your application should show your skills in communication by substance over flashiness. We would love you to show us through your application that you have done research on us, that you bring insight into our needs, and are able to clearly communicate your own skills well.

To apply by email, please attach your cover letter and CV and send to quoting AA007311aa. Applications close on 30 October 2020. Emails will be electronically acknowledged and further correspondence may be by email.

Click here to view the Candidate Briefing Information.

For more information please phone David Hammond on +64 27 4446368.

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