Wendy Youens Chief Executive

Wendy reports to the Media Access Charitable Trust board and is responsible for overseeing everything that happens at Able. Wendy has been with the service for over 10 years and is passionate about making media accessible. She's always keeping an eye on new technologies and what’s happening world-wide in the media accessibility industry. Wendy volunteers as a trustee on a couple of not-for-profit boards and also as a youth mentor through First Foundation. She loves getting out into the great outdoors and is currently working her way through New Zealand’s Great Walks. She's a bookworm at heart, but loves watching the latest cooking show on TV too. Maybe she’s missed her calling as a TV chef?! Email me

Stephanie Turner Operations Manager

Stephanie directs the day-to-day operations at Able, ensuring the smooth production and delivery of captioning and audio description to our clients. She oversees recruitment and staff processes and manages Able’s technical infrastructure. Stephanie joined the service fresh out of university as a caption producer – her dream job, as it combined her love of words and TV. She took on the operations manager role in 2014. She loves film, reading and, of course, TV. She has too many favourite programmes to name, but current faves include This Is Us, Veep, Stranger Things and, believe it or not, 1980s glam soap Dynasty... Email me

Ingrid Lauder Team Leader - Caption Producers

Ingrid first joined the service in 2007 after she completed her master’s degree in English literature at the University of Canterbury. She became a Captioning Editor, and then left to do her big OE, living in London for three years. On her return to NZ at the end of 2013, she was delighted that an opportunity arose for her to work for the service again. Ingrid is now team leader of the producers. Her main responsibilities include recruitment, training of new producers and managing the producer team. She also continues to caption. Ingrid loves to travel, practise yoga, read, and, of course, watch film and television, so captioning is her dream job! Some of her favourite programmes include Queen Sugar, This Is Us, Jane the Virgin, and she's always got time for any soapy teen dramas. Email me

Shrutika Gunanayagam Team Leader - Caption Editors

Originally from India, Shrutika and her family immigrated to New Zealand when she was 8. Despite studying radio at AUT, her interest in TV saw her join Able in 2015. In her case, though, she wants to watch everything and so ends up watching nothing. Perhaps it’s because she prioritises old Friends reruns over the shows du jour... Shrutika looks after the superlative editor team while also overseeing some of Able’s commercial work and continuing to caption. She serves as a lieutenant in her local Girls’ Brigade company, and she loves books, movies and music. She’s always got time for a good (or so-bad-it’s-good) romcom or Christmas movie, and her favourite band of all time is the Backstreet Boys (seriously). Email me

Virginia Philp Team Leader - Audio Describers

Virginia is a founding member of the audio description team at Able and worked on the first audio described programmes which were broadcast on TV ONE in March 2011. She joined the service as a caption producer in 2009 after completing degrees in Ancient History and Classics and Broadcast Journalism. As the AD service has steadily grown, she now splits her time between both captioning and audio description. Her responsibilities are to train, guide and direct the small team of audio describers and to help them produce an increasing amount of audio described programming across a range of genres. Virginia loves watching television and being involved in making it accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Her favourite TV programme of all time is the British comedy Gavin & Stacey, and it was a highlight to audio describe this series and to share the dry humour and ‘comedy gold’ with viewers who rely on AD. Email me

Sara Huszak Admin Coordinator

Sara joined the service in 2013 as the Admin Coordinator, and has loved being a part of something that is making a difference to other's lives. Sara’s responsibility is to create and distribute the schedules of captioned and audio described programmes and organise the resources for the captioners and audio describers so that they can caption and audio describe the programmes. From an administration background, Sara has worked in a range of different organisations, including The National Foundation for the Deaf, where she learned a lot about the Deaf and hearing-impaired communities and how to speak Sign Language. She also loves to sing, play the bass guitar, and draw pictures of animals. Her favourite TV programmes are Miranda, The IT Crowd, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Big Bang Theory. Email me

Introducing the amazing Able team!

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