News: The Voice Australia LIVE finale

Respeaking, Live events 18 Jul 2014
The Voice

24 amazing finalists have now been whittled down to four, and only one question remains - who is going to be The Voice that stands out above all the others? It's time for the final of The Voice Australia.

Find out which coach trained up a winner, as the artists take to the stage for the very last time. With musical guests and stellar performances, this is one final not to be missed!

Able is excited to be offering captions for the live grand final of The Voice Australia on TV2 at 9.30pm on Monday 21st July 2014. As for the FIFA World Cup final, this will involve our captioners using voice-recognition software. They’ll listen to what is being said (or sung, in this case) and then respeak it into their microphone, adding punctuation as they go. The programme runs for two hours, so there’ll be three captioners working on it so they can give their voices a bit of a break.  Our captioners’ voices will need to be in peak condition – just like The Voice Australia finalists!

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