Highlights: Tammy

Captioning 26 Feb 2017

She hit the road. The road hit back.

Screen icon Melissa McCarthy stars in the Sunday night side-splitting comedy, Tammy.

Tammy (McCarthy) is having a bad day. She's totaled her clunker car, got fired from her thankless job at a greasy burger joint, and instead of finding comfort at home, she finds her husband getting it on with the neighbour.

It's time to take her boom box and book it. The bad news is she's broke and without wheels.

The worse news is her grandma Pearl is her only option -- with a car, cash and an itch to see Niagara Falls.

Not exactly the escape Tammy had in mind. But on the road with Grandma riding shotgun, it may be just what Tammy needs.

The multi talented McCarthy writes and produces this raucous road-trip comedy featuring an all-star laugh ensemble, including Kathy Bates, Dan Aykroyd, Allison Janney and more.

Tammy - tonight, 8.45, TVNZ 2. Captions available.

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