Highlights: Shortland Street

Audio Description, Captioning 12 Jan 2015
Shortland Street 2015 Return

Love hurts in Ferndale when Shortland Street 2015 returns tonight with a special hour-long episode.

Last year’s cliffhanger left a number of questions unanswered. Will Chris finally leave Ferndale after witnessing Rachel with another man? Three weeks have passed and Chris makes a surprise return to Ferndale. However, he’s still unaware of the identity of Rachel’s new man...

“Chris believes this mystery man to be no match for him. However, this will not stop him resorting to dirty tricks to get him out of Rachel's life,” says Michael Galvin.

Things intensify when Chris begins to suspect that Garrett is the mystery man and corners him to find out the truth. Will Rachel and Garrett’s secret finally be exposed?

Tonight, 7pm, TV2. Captions and audio description available.

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