Highlights: Pike River

Captioning 21 Nov 2016
Pike River

On the 19th of November 2010, the Pike River mine exploded with 31 men trapped inside.

In the immediate confusion that followed, no one knew what had happened. Within hours two men would manage a heroic escape, but 29 remained unaccounted for.

Over five days the men’s families and loved ones waited, hoping they would come out alive. Then two further explosions sealed the men’s fate. However, the fuse that would eventually snuff out so many lives was lit decades before.

Set in the drama of the five days between the three explosions, Pike River reveals the tragic backstory of the mine, where pressure for profits would eventually contribute to the deaths of 29 men.

Featuring interviews with the Pike River families and scripted drama to depict key events. Pike River is a feature-length docudrama made in association with NZ On Air’s Platinum Fund. The Pike River families have been involved with and supported the project from the outset.

Pike River - tonight, 8.30, Prime. Captions available.

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