Highlights: IRB Sevens World Series

Sport, Captioning, Live events, Respeaking 2 Feb 2015
Sevens 2015

This week we'll be captioning TV ONE's IRB Sevens World Series coverage! Requiring just over 17 hours of live captioning, it really is a team effort.

Over two days the best Sevens rugby teams from around the world will go head-to-head. Last year, the boys in black triumphed on home turf. Does the New Zealand Sevens team have what it takes to win the title a second year running?

Making the most of the excitement are the local fans in the stands, who take great pride in their costumes and perfecting the art of the Mexican wave, helping to make the New Zealand tournament one of the most exciting Sevens tournaments in the world.

Coverage starts at 12.30pm on Friday and 11.30am on Saturday, TV ONE. We hope you enjoy it!

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