Highlights: Face the Classroom

Audio Description, Captioning 18 Sep 2017
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This two-night special will offer viewers a unique opportunity to see our political leaders unmasked, as a classroom of inquisitive 8 to 12-year-olds ask them the refreshingly honest questions that only children would think to ask.

Face The Classroom will allow New Zealand voters to find out what actually matters to the young people whose futures we and these political heavyweights hold in our hands.

What do they imagine New Zealand will be like in 20 or 30 years' time when they are the ones who will be experiencing the repercussions of today’s political decisions? How do they hope New Zealand will have changed for the better by the time they are adults?

The children ask our political leaders the big questions about health, education and transport - and also who their best friend is or what the naughtiest thing they did as a child was. They also put the politicians through their paces with important challenges such as making a great packed lunch!

In these unique TV specials, Face The Classroom gives Kiwi youth a voice in a prime-time forum, encouraging them to share their hopes, dreams and their opinions in regards to a brighter future.

Face the Classroom - tonight and tomorrow night, 8 o'clock, TVNZ 1. Captions and audio description available.

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