Blog: Audio described movie bonanza

Audio Description 15 Jun 2016
The Incredible Hulk

A chef rat, a barbarian warrior, a scheming raccoon and a scientist who turns into a monster are just some of the protagonists featured in audio described movies playing on TV2 for the next two Saturday nights.   Hopefully the AD can help bring these characters to life for blind and visually impaired viewers in the plethora of AD’d movies screening consecutively from 5pm to 1am on TV2 on Saturday 18th and Saturday 25th June.

This is what’s on offer, so make sure your AD is turned on!

Saturday 18th: Ratatouille, Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2, Conan The Barbarian and Joe Dirt.

Saturday 25th: Planes, Over The Hedge, The Incredible Hulk and Superhero Movie.

Able’s ability to produce AD for movies continues to steadily increase, and it’s the first time some of these movies are being broadcast on TV in NZ with audio description.

For more audio described programmes, see what’s scheduled.

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