Blog: A day in the life of Able’s Admin Coordinator

Blog 23 Feb 2017

I love how varied my job is, as no two days are the same! And I really enjoy the type of work I get to do each week. Being Able’s Administration Coordinator, some of my day is made up of things you would expect -  answering the phone, replying to emails, ordering supplies, etc. But because Able is a very unique workplace with a very unique focus, I spend much of my time coordinating television schedules and caption files!

My main focus each week - and my favourite part of the job - is to create  the weekly schedule of captioned programmes. This means I go through the TV schedules from each of the broadcasters and consider every programme playing on TVNZ 1, TVNZ 2, TV3, Duke, Bravo and Prime. If we’ve captioned it before it goes into the schedule as a repeat, and if not, we have to decide whether we’ll caption it or not.

When deciding which new programmes to caption, we consider lots of different things – time slot, genre, ratings, whether it’s a New Zealand-produced programme, and of course we have to make sure we have the resources to caption the programme. We’re funded by NZ On Air, so we do our best to do as much captioning and audio description as possible within our budget.

For international shows, we’re often able to source the caption files from overseas companies just like us. This saves us time, as we don’t have to create the captions from scratch. It’s my job to work out which programmes we can source files for and order them in. I also work with our audio description team leader to finalise the audio description schedule and order any audio description files we need.

Once our captioning and audio description schedules are finalised, I send them off to the broadcasters and the online and print TV guides so that viewers can see which programmes will have captioning and audio description available.

I find it really interesting working with the TV schedule, and I really love being involved in such a great service that so many New Zealanders find valuable.

Check out Able’s TV guide for captioned programmes and our audio description guide.

We also have a weekly email newsletter that highlights upcoming captioned and audio described programmes and includes a printable list of accessible programmes. Sign up!

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