Audio Description, Blog, Captioning 6 Mar 2015

In late 2014, Able commissioned Colmar Brunton to carry out a research survey to discover the number of users of the captioning and audio description services, learn more about how we can reach them and identify any barriers to using the services we provide.

Below is an infographic summarising the key findings from the research. We learnt that 5% of New Zealanders are regular users of the captioning service, along with 1% for the audio description service. There is good awareness of both services among the communities they are intended for, but those surveyed suggested there is not widespread awareness among others. The key priorities for users of both services were to increase programmes, channels and platforms and to make the services easier to use.

The Able team will be using the research results to inform our strategic plan and new projects. For any queries about the research, please get in touch by emailing us at

Download a screen-reader accessible version of this information.

Infographic Page 1
Infographic Page 2
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