News: 2014 FIFA World Cup captions

Captioning, Respeaking, Live Events, Sport 10 Jul 2014

Able is very excited to be offering captions for the live FIFA World Cup final on Monday 14th July, capping off a month of captioning the FIFA World Cup Highlights show, which has aired every day a football match has been played during the tournament.

The highlights show is filmed on the day of transmission, so with such late-arriving material, it’s often involved up to five captioners each captioning a section of the show, with one person then compiling the parts once they’re all completed.

As the final will be played out live, the captioning will also be done live. A team of captioners will be using respeaking software to caption the game. This involves them listening to the broadcast and then respeaking what is said into a microphone while also commanding the software to add in punctuation and colour changes where necessary.

Now the finalists have been found – thanks to a thrilling penalty shoot-out earlier today – our respeakers will be familiarising themselves with the names of the German and Argentinian players so they can be as accurate as possible when respeaking the match commentary.

We’re pleased that through the captioning of the highlights show and the final, Deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers have had a chance to get more involved in this tournament and be part of one of the biggest sporting events in the world.

Our team of captioners will be having an early start, arriving at work at 5.30am Monday morning to prep for the coverage of the final, which starts at 6am on TV ONE. If you’d rather have a sleep-in, you can catch all the action – with captions – on the final 2014 FIFA World Cup Highlights show on Monday afternoon at 4.25pm.

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