Highlights: Tin Star

Captioning, Captioning 11 Sep 2017

Tin Star
The new highly anticipated British series Tin Star is here, fast-tracked from the UK. Starring Tim Roth and Christina Hendricks, the crime drama centres on a police detective and a mysterious oil company boss.

Jim Worth (Roth), a former London detective, has moved with his family to a small Rocky Mountains town to escape his past. The town has been experiencing an influx of migrant workers due to a big oil company headed by the mysterious Mrs Bradshaw (Hendricks). Consequently, crime increases and the town is threatened.

When Jim takes a stand against the criminals, he and his family become the targets of assassins. This leads to his violent alter-ego, Jack Devlin, being revived from the past he so desperately wanted to leave behind.

Roth says what influenced him to star in the show was that “it had an anarchy and chaos to it that I really liked, and not an accidental chaos. There is a monstrous confusion to the character (Jim Worth) that I think is fun to play.”

Tin Star - tonight, 8.30, Three. Captions available.

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