Highlights: The Missing

Audio Description, Captioning, Captioning 16 May 2017

The MIssing
The truth of the events leading up to Alice’s return to Eckhausen are finally revealed. But, as ever, the truth is far more complicated than anyone thought and has far-reaching consequences that implicate multiple suspects on the Eckhausen base.

In 2016 Julien is trapped in a desperate race against time, tracking Alice and Sophie’s abductor from Germany all the way to the mountains of Switzerland. Gemma finally gets through to Sam, and the two of them pull together in the hunt for the truth of what happened to their daughter.

The series culminates with a dramatic showdown, but what Julien sees as a rescue mission is not what it seems. With his health rapidly deteriorating and danger assailing them from all sides, the clock is ticking.

The Missing - tonight, 9.30, TVNZ 1. Captions and audio description available.

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