Highlights: Shark: Beneath the Surface

Audio Description, Captioning, Captioning 09 Sep 2017

Shark: Beneath the Surface
This two-part documentary features over 30 species of sharks and rays – from the previously un-filmed Wobbegongs and Greenland sharks to classic species such as Great Whites and Hammerheads.

Filmed in dozens of locations worldwide, ranging from under the Polar ice to mangrove swamps, shipwrecks and coral reefs, experience the ocean's most feared apex predator like never before.

Shark documents some of the most superb, spectacular and strange behaviours from the deep blue, including the fascinating story of a shark able to walk on land, and the shark species that have their own special dentist to check up on those razor-sharp chompers.

Revolutionary technology, research and pioneering filming techniques make this magnificent series an unprecedented underwater expedition.

Shark: Beneath the Surface - tonight, 7 o'clock, TVNZ 1. Captions and audio description available.

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