Highlights: I Am Innocent

Audio Description, Captioning, Captioning 16 May 2017

I Am Innocent

In the season finale, another Kiwi shares his story of the false accusation that tore his life apart.

Andrew McCarthy is an unorthodox science teacher living in a small South Island town whose eccentricities are polarising - some students love him and others find him odd.

In 2010 he performed a tonsillitis exam on a student which breached school protocol. Mr McCarthy was reprimanded and apologised, believing it to be the end of the matter. Two years later the police launch an investigation into the incident and he's charged with indecent assault on a child.

Made with the support of NZ on Air.

I Am Innocent - tonight, 8.30, TVNZ 1. Captions and audio description available.

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