Highlights: House Of Hypochondriacs

Captioning, Captioning 12 Apr 2017

House Of Hypochondriacs
Dr Christian Jessen (Embarrassing Bodies) puts three self-confessed hypochondriacs on the front line of Health Services in this fascinating special.

In the UK alone, the rise in hypochondria, or health anxiety as it is medically known, is linked to the ease of access of 'Dr Google', leading people to self-diagnose and demand treatment and scans for an array of ailments they don't actually have.

Not only are their lives dominated by their anxiety but those of their families are sorely tested as well.

House Of Hypochondriacs sees Dr Christian invite three people with health anxiety to meet others living with the conditions they fear most, in a bid to relieve their hypochondria.

The trio are also enlightened to the reality of overstretched NHS resources by visiting a GP practice and ambulance service whose work is increased by self-diagnosing individuals, who are often misguided by internet advice.

Will the exposure cure their health anxiety?

House Of Hypochondriacs - tonight, 9.30, Three. Captions available.

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