Highlights: Deadliest Lovers

Captioning, Captioning 17 Jul 2017

Deadliest Lovers
This true crime documentary series tells the stories of deadly love betrayals.
In the first episode we look at the story of god-fearing dentist Colin Howell and Sunday school teacher Hazel Buchanan.

When the pair fell in love, only two things stood in their way: their partners. So they killed them, framing the murders to look like a double suicide in a fume-filled car. The lie lasted 18 years and captivated the small, deeply religious Northern Irish town of Coleraine.

But guilt would get the better of Howell, and he finally confessed, implicating Hazel at the same time.

With exclusive contribution from friends of the victims and never-before-seen sketches of the crime scene made during Howell's confessions, this is the definitive story of a double murder the killers would and could have got away with.

Deadliest Lovers - tonight, 8.35pm, Prime. Captions available.

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